Selecting The Right Attorney When Involved In An Auto Accident

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Judge webWhen you are searching for an auto accident attorney, Atlanta area residents should know exactly what to look for in an attorney and law firm. Selecting the right firm to represent your claim can determine the success of your case.

The attorney that you select should:

• Have extensive experience in representing vehicular accidents. Just because they are a personal injury attorney does not mean they can effectively represent someone in every type of injury case. You want an attorney that understands traffic laws, common injuries associated with these accidents and has experience dealing with auto insurance companies.

• Have the resources to be aggressive in your representation. Your case may require expert testimony, accident scene recreation, or specialized medical advice. You need to work with a firm that is large enough to have access to these resources so that your case is handled correctly.

• Have the caring and compassion to understand that each case is individual and that each person is affected in a different way. All-too-often, personal injury attorneys can get into the habit of viewing all of these cases in the same manner. A personal injury is just that – personal, and your attorney must view you as an individual case.

• Have the ability to go to trial. Some personal injury attorneys are not trial certified and work to only settle out of Court. This could lead to a very low settlement or the injured party. You need a firm that can take your case into the courtroom if necessary to make sure that you receive the best legal representation.

The Law Offices of Ken Nugent Is The Right Choice

With seven locations, Ken Nugent and his fellow attorneys have been aggressively representing injured people in Georgia. Mr. Nugent started his firm over 30 years ago in Atlanta to only help those who have been wrongfully injured. Since those first days as a new attorney, Ken Nugent has grown to be one of the more prominent law firms in Georgia.

Why is this firm so prominent? Because it is their goal to care. The attorneys of the Law Offices of Ken Nugent are not only highly skilled and qualified to represent your case; they are also caring and compassionate. Mr. Nugent only hires attorneys that are interested in truly seeking justice for those who have been injured. He is not interested in attorneys who want to generate cookie-cutter cases and move quickly on to another. This firm knows that these are real people that have been injured, and these are real lives that have been disrupted.

When you have been injured in any type of vehicle accident your life will change. There will be injuries to cope with, financial issues to manage, and confrontations with the insurance company. Make sure that you have the right legal representation so that this process runs smoothly and you can start to put your life back together again. Having the right legal representation allows you to concentrate on your recovery while the attorney handles all the other issues.