A Guide To Purchasing a Quality Espresso Machine

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Choosing a quality espresso machine in a city like Vancouver where there are so many choices for quality coffees daily can be a hard task, but with some essential wisdom and knowledge of how an espresso machine works and the specific features for a particular price, selecting the ideal option is easy.

First and foremost, decide on the kind of espresso drinks your prefer. Do you like a mocha, cappuccino or a straight shot of espresso? What about a typical cup of coffee? Home espresso machines tend to vary substantially and so; it is important to have your tastes in mind before jumping into the selection process. Most super auto espresso machines can brew a strong cup of coffee, similar to what you would find at coffee houses. Maybe you would like the ability to choose between decaf and regular coffee. In that case, a bypass doser on the machine is an excellent option. You can make a choice between an automatic, semi automatic or super automatic espresso machine. The latter is the most popular.

The Cost

While most individuals like to have all the additional features, buying a quality brand of espresso machine like Jura, Lelit, or Rocket – it’s similar to purchasing a car. Do you really need heated seats if you reside in Arizona? Well, the same principle applies. Decide the kind of drinks you prefer and buy a machine with those features and then create a budget. The real question is, how much do you spend for a quality espresso machine? If you want a super automatic machine for a budget of $700-$1000, you will be getting a high-quality one with most of the standard features. If you want the highest quality drinks, you will be looking at a super automatic espresso machine priced between $700 and $1500.

Popular Features

If you like taking milk based drinks, ensure you purchase a machine that has two boilers or rather dual heating elements. A single boiler is alright for standard coffee drinks, but two boilers will create the fastest steam. This is a feature that separates the $100-$200 espresso machines from the high quality $1000 range ones.

Analog or Digital Dials

There’s much debate on which is better, but it all boils down to personal preference. With a digital espresso machine, you have greater options, and you can really get dialed in on the water and coffee ratio. You can ideally get the statistics on your machine, and most digital ones will notify you when to clean them. Another primary feature with digital machines is the ability to regulate when the device is on/off.

Choosing Where to Purchase an Espresso Machine

You can purchase an espresso machine from any of the major stores, but the problem is buying guidance and support. You can’t simply call the overstock or red dot stores and expect to find a person who is knowledgeable about quality home espresso machines. Try contacting one of the major chains for guidance, and they will refer you to the manufacturers. Also, a reputable retailer such as Espressotec Sales & Service in Vancouver should be able to answer most of your questions and provide technical support if required. Check them out on the map below, or visit them at